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E100 card

E100 fuel cards

E100 is a Polish card issuer with over 35,000 gas stations covering all of Europe, Turkey, Russia and all former Russian republics. A very fast growing card provider that offers many services with one card. In addition to big discounts in its large network of gas stations, it also offers payment of road tolls, bridges and tunnels, convoys and much more.

Using E100 cards, you get the opportunity to:
  • Fuel discounts at 20,000 stations in 32 countries
  • Road tolls in 28 countries
  • Fuel prices available online
  • Up to 30 days of deferred payment for fuel and roads
  • Free tool to manage fuel expenditure
  • Personal consultant for each client
  • Helpline 24/7

ARIS fuel cards

ARIS is a card provider with its own gas stations in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. It has a huge network of partner gas stations throughout Europe and the ability to pay tolls in all European countries and former Russian republics.

ARIS fuel cards are not only a means of paying for fuel in the most extensive network of filling stations in Europe and Asia, but also open up a wide range of additional opportunities and solutions for your business:
  • Individual Discounts and Deferred payment.
  • Possibility of toll payment on the territory of the European Union, Russia, and Belarus.
  • ARIS provides information support for drivers 24 hours a day by means of its "own hotline".

ANDAMUR fuel cards

Andamur is a Spanish card provider with large and very well equipped gas stations in Spain. They have a large network of partner gas stations throughout Europe.

Andamur offers easy and profitable fleet management for any transport company. Andamur fuel cards would enable you to manage your expenses easily and quickly. Andamur offers:
  • 100% Andamur security and guarantee
  • airCODE TOTAL SECURITY when refueling
  • Restrictions on cards according to needs
  • Comprehensive purchase control with detailed invoices by license plate

CCS Fuel card

CCS is a Czech fuel card provider. CCS provides a wide range of leading fleet management products and services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

On the Czech and Slovak markets, CCS maintains the largest specialized sales network covering more than 3,500 gas stations.

CCS fuel cards provide a simple, secure and affordable solution for cashless payment of goods and services related to international transport.

Prepaid CCS cards allow for:
  • Multiple top-ups to one account
  • Pin code protection
  • Monthly summary invoice
  • No monthly fees charged
  • Fast and convenient customer service

IQ Card fuel cards

Using the IQ Card, you don't just refuel under excellent conditions – the card is also free and includes all IQ Card services, as follows:
  • attractive weekly prices
  • individual solutions that are adapted to the client's needs,
  • transparent billing and the latest security features
  • no fees for issuing and using the card
  • no additional fees for using the system, issuing invoices or blocking the card.


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