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Legal Information is a trading name for the services of VerdeTax Ltd., part of VerdeKon group and its subsidiaries and representative companies.
What we can guarantee
We from guarantee that will do our best to organize any due refund of income tax or income taxes or VAT for our customers. This can be regarded as eligible for countries listed on our website (which is With all of this being closely followed by the local laws for the according tax authorities’ rules and regulations of the country or countries involved, we guarantee to refund the maximum refundable amount - as reported and legally allowed by the Tax Authorities.
We guarantee to inform our customers of the maximum possible amount that is based on the received information from the documents or copies of those documents sent to us. It is our duty to keep the customers up to date with the possible legal obligations that could occur in future. guarantees not to ask for any up-front fees. The fee will be deducted from the refund amount issued in the name of the customer by the tax authorities.
Power of attorney
Our customers are authorizing us to prepare and sign the according tax returns and to represent them in front of the tax authorities with correspondence and refund cheques. This means that the customer will also have to agree not to apply for a tax refund with third parties for the same or similar services. could ask for authorization for receiving, endorsement and deposit of any cheque or cheques to the bank account of any our customer deducting all necessary fees from the refund and to transfer the remaining amount to the account.
If there is a case of a received refund directly from any other source other than, the customer should understand and agree that is obliged to pay the fee owed to for the completed work.
Notifications and information sent via e-mails guarantees that all e-mails to our customer will be sent to the e-mail address that is provided by them during the registration or added later through our website or via phone call contact with our representative. It is of high importance that the e-mail service that our customers are running is reliable and they are able to use it with no outages in order to ensure no lost communication occurs.
Cancellation of services
Our customers are aware that should they wish to cancel their application/s, they need to contact immediately and they will be able to withdraw from the asked services at no cost as long as a tax return has not been filed, otherwise they will need to pay a cancellation fee to Furthermore, while will make every effort to recall a customer application in such scenario, this may not be possible.
VerdeTax reserves the right to refuse/terminate customer service for clients with particularly pronounced impudent and arrogant behavior towards the company representatives, whether by phone, text chat or live, regardless of the territory of any country.
VerdeTax reserves the right to refuse/terminate service to aggressive customers and to such insulting, threatening or in any way damaging the prestige of the company, representatives and employees of the company, regardless of the territory of which country.
Effective exceptions to our tax refund responsibilities
We from are not responsible for any tax refund if a customer is providing false, incomplete or inadequate information or documentation. Furthermore, the is under no obligation to confirm the authenticity of any documents provided.
Our customers are kindly asked to provide, if needed, any additional information and clarifying details if such are required during the tax refund process. This should also happen in a timely manner, especially when chasing deadlines.
Telecommunications, in order to provide the best tax refund services and up-to-date information to its customers, is allowed to inform and advertise for specific details of their tax refund statuses and any additional useful information its customers via landline, fixed, or mobile telephone lines or VOIP.
If there are any changes or updates following the active communication with the tax authorities, it is responsibility to keep its customers up-to-date with all that is new to them to ensure best service and transparency and it is required such channels to be used in order to ensure active communication and understanding.
Upon signing-up for our services at, our customers are handled with a package of documents including Agreement to ensure all Terms & Conditions are clear, understandable and officially signed and approved by our customers.
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