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What are the Mobility Certificates?

The mobility certificate is a document that certifies that the employer pays the minimum hourly wage to the assigned driver and that the driver has the right to operate in the territory of the respective country.

Mobility Package

A mobility package for transport companies can include various measures and initiatives aimed at improving both the efficiency and accountability of transport operations.
  • Introduction of technological innovation: Integration of new technologies and systems for monitoring and managing transport operations. This may include the use of fleet management systems, GPS vehicle tracking systems, automated route planning systems, etc.
  • Applying environmentally responsible approaches: Introducing vehicles and technologies with low or zero emissions, such as electric vehicles or hydrogen vehicles. This helps reduce the environmental impact of transport and improves air quality in urban areas.
  • Driver professional development and training: Investing in driver training programs and continuous professional development. This helps improve road safety and demonstrates the company's commitment to responsibility and quality.
  • Encouraging vehicle sharing: Support and encourage vehicle sharing between different companies or workers to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and congestion.
  • Support of alternative modes of transport: Integration of alternative modes of transport, such as bicycles, scooters or electric scooters, into the transport company's services. This helps to relieve congestion and encourages them

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