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You have worked in Czech Republic during the last four years? In this case you have paid taxes and most likely you have overpaid taxes. We are here to help you get back your money!

If you were employed in Czech Republic, you have paid income tax and more specifically you have paid taxes on your wages. This tax had been withheld by your employer. Depending on different factors and different conditions it is possible that you have paid too much tax, resulting in tax refund of the overpaid amounts, without even knowing.


Let our experts take care of your tax matters! No need to waste time, worry and deal with the Tax Authorities - we will do it all for you!
We can help you refund the income taxes and your social insurances!



In order to apply for your tax refund, we will need the following documents from you:
  • Original Potvrzeni
Potvrzeni forms are documents issued at the end of the tax year and, containing information on the taxes paid and the salary received by an employee .
  • Copy of ID card- we need it on order to confirm your personal details and your citizenship.
  • Completed and signed VerdePack in original - this is our company set of documents. We will need you to fill it in, sign and send it to our address in original, so we can start your refund process.
  • Copy of a form with personal bank details - it is necessary to provide a copy of a bank account to which the transferred amounts will be transferred. 



  • When will I get my refund?
 Usually, the tax authorities need 5 -6 months to issue a refund from the moment in which they receive the tax declaration.
  • When should I apply for my refund?
 The tax declaration for the current tax year has to be filled after the tax year ends. We can accept and process your documents as soon as you end your employment period.
  • What is the duration of the tax year? 
In Czech Republic the tax year starts on 1 January and ends on 31 December.
  • For which years I can claim a refund?
 You can claim your taxes for 4 years back including the current one.
  • If I do not get a refund do I owe you a fee?
 You pay no up-front fee. We will deduct the fee once the refund is received. If a refund is not received there is no fee due.
  • Do you guarantee my refund?
We are unable to guarantee the initially estimated refund amount, we apply for the maximum the law allows but the final decision belongs to the Tax Authorities.



Register through our website and send us the necessary documents. Our team of experts processes your information within 24 hours and submit it to the tax authorities. Once we have the refund, our financial department will process the payment and send you the refund.
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