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Who is ARIS?

VerdeTax Ltd is the official representative of Aris Russia for Bulgaria and Turkey! The Russian fuel cards for Bulgarian and Turkish Haulers!

On the highways from China to Portugal, you can now access all basic services with a single ARIS card! These services include refueling, payment of road tolls, protected parking and other services necessary for you on the road!

ARIS fuel cards!

ARIS has its own network of petrol stations. These stations together with the petrol stations of the strategic partners are combined in a discount network through which the people of ARIS are ready to offer individual discounts to the clients. The stations belonging to a discount network are indicated in red on the ARIS network maps found in the driver's guide and online.

ARIS aspires to provide competitive prices for fuel and offers three forms of payment: advance payment, credit, and payment upon receipt. Individual discounts within the discount network depend on the chosen form of payment and volume of refueling. You can receive details about the individual discounts offered from ARIS by contacting us via phone, e-mail or live chat.

Why to choose ARIS fuel cards?

Each customer can:
  • analyze in real time their own transactions on the customer page of the ARIS website
  • set daily limits for each fuel card or on all cards at once
  • set daily limits on refueling at any petrol station for obtaining the optimal price
  • set a limit on each card for any truck on the rout, allowing you to set limits on the driver’s spending and avoid overspending your funds
  • have the right balance of payments for fuel at any time
  • received absolutely free fuel card - without any monthly fee or hidden commission

Additional services for our clients!

  • Comfortable and safe refueling card – ARIS Card.
  • Online transactions – refueling recorder in real time.
  • Highest quality and an attractive price. Get up to 12% discount! Check out the discount network at
  • Protection against frauds, preview transactions on the website, PIN protected use of the cards, immediate blockage by SMS, video monitoring card limits.
  • VAT refunding ant Net Invoicing without limits – for all size companies – contact VerdeTax now!
  • Refund of excise duty – contact VerdeTax now!
  • Fast and accurate support and answers to all possible questions.
  • Possibility to pay the tolls by using ARIS Card.
  • Loads with guaranteed payment in short terms.
  • Legal assistance on the territory of Russia.
  • Individual approach to each client in each case. Contact us now!
  • No additional fees for using the system and card services.
  • CASH Back – directly in your pocket!
  • Additional bonuses!

Take your ARIS card now!

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