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Vasil Simeonov
26 November 2014
How to save money during the shopping season
As you all know, Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the USA - the fourth Thursday of November. And while you are waiting for your tax refund from VerdeTax, why not check our top 5 tips on how to actually save even more money during the start of the shopping madness.

  1. Compare prices and make some research.
  2. This is one of the oldest tricks in the industry, to make a sale of an item which original price is much, much higher than usual. Checking the prices of the same product on at least one or two other retailers is always a good idea. You can always find a better deal that way, just do your work.

  3. Are you sure you need it, right?
  4. Ask yourself the question “Do I need this stuff actually?” before buying that all-great tech gadget when you usually have something like that already. Getting a big pile of video games just to gather the dust on your hard drive - because you won’t have the time to play them all.

  5. Don’t miss the best deals = get up early.
  6. In order to motivate the buyers, a lot of shops are advertising limited quantities on certain on sale products. In most cases such items are very popular and generate huge interest. If you don’t want to miss those, you need to be active, get up early and hunt down those deals.

  7. Plan your budget.
  8. Always knowing your budget can be a decisive when it comes to what you will buy and what not. In terms of saving money, this can be regarded as very important so it can keep you from overspending.

  9. Go for the quality and keep your receipts.
  10. Cheap products (with questionable quality) are available all year long. Getting them on sale is kind of not the best move if you want to save, at the other hand discounts like -50% or more on big the brands means something. Also, don’t forget to keep your receipt in case you need to send items back.
Happy shopping and good luck!

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