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Pay and get paid in multiple currencies and shop online or in stores in an efficient and secure manner. Use your preferred payment channel - with the mobile phone, via the contactless LeuPay VISA card or from your computer. 

Why to use LeuPay?

You own a company - why to use LeuPay?

SEPA MONEY ТRANSFERS Save on transfer fees and wire money within SEPA at some of the best rates on the marke.

Transfers between users Send money instantly to other LeuPay account holders using only their email address or mobile number. .

Currency exchange Transfer balances between currencies instantly and at competitive rates

SWIFT MONEY TRANSFERS Make secure, affordable cross-border payments to any country

Transfers between own accounts Open accounts for specific purposes and move funds between at any time.

Mass payments Make efficient payments to multiple recipients in a single click.


Free account

Free account

Get you free account in minutes.

Open a LeuPay account with a dedicated IBAN and no monthly fees, even if you are not a resident of an EU state member country. This allows you to send or receive money to both domestic and international banks, while saving on currency exchange fees.



Create your LeuPay account and manage your money the way you like

  • No set up or monthly fees
  • Free contactless VISA for international payments without charges
  • Fast and easy way to send and receive payments worldwide
  • Card security and fraud protection at your fingertips

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