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Irina Kaneva
13 January 2015
That everybody should visit

We made a compilation of the best rated cities in the world that everybody should visit at least once. These are all cities that have unique culture, rhythm and historical past. Pack up your luggage and start purchasing plane tickets.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey - Europe and Asia meet in Istanbul, where breathtaking ancient architecture coexists with modern restaurants and nightlife. The city's mosques, bazaars, and hammams (Turkish baths) could keep you happily occupied for your entire trip.

  2. Turkey, city of Istanbul

  3. Sydney, Australia - While Sydney is an expanded city, it remains largely dominated by nature, with national parks carving their way through the ports. The luxurious beaches, amazing weather, and nightlife make Sydney an unforgettable destination.

  4. Australia, Sydney Harbor

  5. Bangkok, Thailand - Bangkok is home to beautiful Buddhist temples and amazing nightlife. The value of the dollar makes this incredible city a relatively cheap place to travel.

  6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - If you’re less into history, and more into futuristic metropolises, Dubai is the flashiest of them all. The city is home to the tallest building (Burj Khalifa), as well as the Dubai Mall, the largest of its kind in the world. Other features include amazing artificial islands and some of the best beaches around. When you consider that Dubai was a small tribal town until the 1970s, the current spectacle is mind-blowing.

  7. St. Petersburg, Russia - St. Petersburg has been called Russia’s window to the West. Unlike Moscow, which features red bricks and domes, St. Petersburg’s canals and neoclassical architecture was designed by Italians, giving the city a European look. It also has a European feel, with modern art galleries and underground clubs, which make the city a spectacle at night.

  8. Barcelona, Spain - Barcelona is a city that combines both the old and the new in a magnificent fashion. Much of the city is as it was centuries ago, with narrow streets everywhere you look. On the beachfront, you’ll find the modern luxuries and unparalleled resorts.

  9. Florence, Italy - This beautiful Renaissance city is home to some of Italy’s - if not the world’s - best museums, galleries, cathedrals, churches, squares, and shops.

  10. Florence, Italy - Ponte Vecchio bridge

  11. New York City, USA - Once you visit this amazing city in person — for a weekend or a month — and you'll find a restless, energetic city with culture, sports, history, restaurants and shopping in abundance. New York City is the center of modern Western culture and has something for everyone.

  12. New York City, United States of America, Empire State Building at dusk

  13. Paris, France - The city contains centuries worth of art and architecture from across the world. One week would barely be long enough to scratch the surface of what this city has to offer. The perfect Paris experience combines leisure and liveliness.

  14. Prague, Czech Republic - Prague is the political, cultural, and economic center of medieval Europe. Now, the city is having a renaissance. Whether you visit the modern Dancing House or the medieval Prague Castle, the city has found a perfect balance between new and old.

  15. London, UK - The former capital of the largest empire on Earth, London is a hot pot of culture, with more than 300 languages spoken within its boundaries. You can find food, art, entertainment from every corner of the world, as well experience the finest English architecture at sites.

  16. Rome, Italy - Rome is one of the most significant cities in the history of Western civilization and has a legacy that spans more than two and a half thousand years. Street artists and fine restaurants line the roads and monumental landmarks of this eternal city. Rome can’t be toured in a day. The city feels like a giant outdoor museum, a real-life collage of piazzas, open-air markets, and mind-boggling historic sites.

  17. Hanoi, Vietnam - Hanoi is an fascinating blend of East and West, combining traditional Vietnamese culture with French colonial flair. Thankfully, the city was untouched by decades of war and is now more vibrant and active than ever, with the Old Quarter serving as one of the greatest markets in the world. The Vietnamese Women’s Museum highlights the role of women in Vietnam’s history and is well worth a visit. If it’s nightlife that you’re after, check out one of the many theaters.

  18. Berlin, Germany - Just like London and Paris, Berlin is the center of centuries worth of unique culture, art, and architecture. Berlin is a time capsule, including the remnants of time periods from the medieval to the modern and from Brandenburg Gate to the Berlin Wall. Explore the underground and you’ll find some of the most exhilarating non-stop nightlife anywhere in the world.

  19. Berlin, Germany

  20. Buenos Aires, Argentina - Buenos Aires is called the “Paris of South America” because of the city's rich European heritage and grand architecture. Despite this, the city maintains its Latin American passion, with sidewalk cafes and beautiful parks.

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